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Four W's of Window Treatments

Ever feel like your space is lacking something, but can quite put your finger on what?  Nothing completes a room like window treatments!  You'd be amazed by how drastically a set of drapery panels can transform your space from ordinary to spectacular.   We're here to give you the scoop on window treatments -- everything you need to know... and more!

You may hear words like draperies, curtains and shades and immediately feel confused.  Well, fear no longer!  Here's the lingo:

Two-story stationary panels make this great room feel elegant.

Two-story stationary panels make this great room feel elegant.

Window treatments is a general category for fabric panels, draperies, valances, blinds, shutters and shades. It's something that covers all or part of the window and/or adorns or frames the window. 

Curtains usually do not have linings and are hung from a rod by tabs. They are mostly light weight and can be used as a decorative piece. These can be opened and closed by hand, and may or may not reach the floor.

(Note:  Pet peeve alert!  "Drapes" is a verb!)  Drapery panels are usually pleated and lined,are mounted on a rod that is installed above the window, and fall to the floor.  They are usually hung by rings but can also be hung by grommets which keeps the fabric folds uniform.  When the panels are fully open, they may still cover part of your window view -- and that's normal!

A category for coverings that are mounted near the top of a window and pull down over the window from top to bottom.  They could be roller shades that have a spring to hold them in place, pleated solar shades, or Roman shades which are controlled by strings or a clutch.

Euro pleat panels adorn this bay window.  

Euro pleat panels adorn this bay window. 

Stationary panels: 
These are the most popular window treatments today.  They are usually one width or 1.5 width panels that hang on a rod and frame the left and right side of a window to give it a more finished appearance.

This refers to how many widths of fabric (usually around 50" wide) each panel will be.  How much wall space you have on either side of the window and how much of the window you want to cover will determine how many widths of fabric you will need for each panel.  A window opening up to 60" wide will look best with one width of fabric per panel.  If your window is wider than that, you may want to use 1.5 widths per panel or even 2 widths of fabric per panel, especially if you plan to close them for privacy.


A simple Roman Shade valance.


Window treatments are a great way to control privacy, reduce glare and absorb sound.  They can also add visual height to a room or window to make it look more substantial.  They can provide insulation from drafts and soften the overall feel of a room by creating a "finished" look.


Window treatments are often overlooked or forgotten about when decorating a room, but no matter what stage of the design process you're in,  they are something to consider adding.  Once the fabric for your window treatments has been selected, fabrication takes about 4 weeks. Sometimes fabrics are out of stock, so waiting for fabric to come in could add additional time. So if you're planning to host guests over the holidays, be sure to start thinking about window treatments NOW! 


Who can help you select just the right window treatments for you?  Your friends at BEKEL HOME + DESIGN, of course!  We specialize in custom window treatments of all kinds!  We will help you select the right fabric to coordinate with new or existing furnishings, select your hardware finish and coordinate the installation.  Let's get started creating your window treatments!  Stop in anytime to browse our fabrics including solids, patterns, sheers, subtle or bold patterns.  You name it - we've got your windows....COVERED!